Sweden to USA on ESTA - Told I might get turned away next time.

Hello! I currently live in Sweden (originally from NL). My partner currently lives in the USA. I visited her twice in 2022 with no issues (a month each time, about 3 months between visits). She has also come to visit me. This year I visited April 18th - July 11th which is 85 days. On entry to the USA I was held in customs for 2 hours. They told me I might not get in next time I visit and to expect that I get sent home essentially. I had a return ticket already and return train tickets. I know it is partially because I do not currently have a job or go to school and they're worried I will work illegally or try to stay here.

Can they really keep me from entering the USA if I don't have a job in Sweden? I live with my parents and we've been moving while we look for a permanent house- on top of not being able to speak Swedish yet. I have enough money to support myself for the duration of my travels and am able to stay with my partner while I am there. I have never overstayed, have always had a return ticket. We are trying to plan a trip for Christmas (3-4 weeks). Has anyone ever had trouble with this? I'm very nervous about getting sent back as traveling is hard for me as it is. Thanks for any advice.


To make it a tiny bit clearer; I have visited 3 total times. Twice in 2022- Both 1 month each. Once in 2023- a total of 85 days out of the allowed 90. I have never overstayed, never extended a trip, have always had a return ticket and return train tickets home. I do not have a job or go to school but my entire family and life is in Sweden, I do not want to move to the USA lol. I am in a program to learn Swedish so I CAN get a job and a license. I know me saying that doesn't matter to CBP. Am I supposed to just not visit my partner again? I'm pretty sure it would not help if we were married and would probably be more suspicious.

Author: samoothie