Spirit didnt tell me refunding was an option until it was too late

So just a little rant. I’ll be charging back a ticket I bought through Spirit after they delayed a flight enough for me to me miss my connecting, then put 1 people on the line who frankly hardly cared and another who I could barely understand. They told me that all they can do is rebook my flight to the next day when I absolutely HAD to be there, and asked if I could make a flight leaving in 5 minutes with 45 minute travel time. And that I had no other option. Later on that call I asked if they can just refund the ticket, and said that I had 3 options after my flight delayed: cancel with refund, credit, or rebook, and that I already used my rebooking option 5 minutes ago. Of course they didn’t even advertise I had the option to refund the ticket, and immediately pushed for a rebooking.

Fuck spirit, I’ll never trust them on my itinerary again, and if they ban me for charging back that’s just a blessing.

Author: nocidr