How should I (US Citizen) report my marriage status on an Indian E-Visa application if I am in a Same-sex marriage with an Indian citizen?

My husband (a male Indian citizen living in the US) and I (a male US Citizen living in the US) are visiting family in India. We have been married since our last visit to India, and I am applying for my e-visa for our upcoming trip. The e-visa form asks for my marital status and my spouse's name. Same-sex relationships are fully legal in India, BUT Same-sex marriage is not recognized and there is some stigma towards same-sex relationships. Understandably, my husband is somewhat concerned about sharing our names as being married in the US.

Should I say I am single since I am technically single in the eyes of the Indian Government? Or should I tell the truth and hope it goes unnoticed or doesn't matter? I don't want to lie and face some penalty or travel issue.

Any similar experiences with Indian Visa applications? We are a specific case, and I cannot find much help elsewhere. Hopefully, one day, I can become an OCI, but that is, likely, a long way away. Thoughts are also greatly appreciated! :)

Author: luca-jade