Catalonia, April 2024

Girona, Barcelona, and Tossa de Mar :) all incredible in their own unique ways. Girona has so many different feels in different parts of the city, its incredibly unique and beautiful. I especially liked the jewish quarter with the cobble stone paths, lots of greenery, elevation, and ancient looking buildings. I also found a few game of thrones filming locations and jad my first ever tapas! Barcelona was incredibly fun, and while not the most beautiful city by any means it had a lot of very nice parts. Very good vibes in my opinion, great food, and very cool architecture. Huge shoutout to Onefam ramblas, best hostel I've ever been to by FAR. Tossa de mar has a castle on the sea so...... its pretty amazing. The waves crashing on the reddish rocks are very beautiful in real life. It has a typical white washed town but in the castle walls its suddenly medieval winding streets full of stairs. The food here was amazing and very cheap compared to my home in North Carolina. I would absolutely return to any of these spots again, <3 Catalonia

Author: Medium-Atmosphere162