6.5 weeks in Europe as a foodie

I am going to Europe next late-April until mid-June. I am a 32yo female traveling alone, from Vancouver, BC. I have done a lot of North American solo trips but this will be my first European solo trip. I've been to Paris, London, lived in Ibiza before.

I am very food and drink based, I've worked in restaurants for 14 years and I really appreciate delicious food, cocktails, wine. I love hidden gem/casual to upscale bars and restaurants. I usually have an appetizer/snack or light meal at each bar/restaurant so I don't fill up in one restaurant. I also enjoy tasting menus and Michelin star restaurants. I won't be able to afford having a Michelin meal in every city, but depending on price, I hope to dine at maybe 2-3 Michelin/high end restaurants on the entirety of my trip.

I'm a social butterfly but I'm not too into nightclubs but enjoy bar hopping. I also love stripclubs if anyone has any recommendations. I hope to go to a stripclub in every city. If there are any stripclubs with male strippers, that would also be very fun (I like men and women). I am single so if there is a fun dating scene in a particular city, I'd love to know. Also if there is a safety concern as a single tipsy woman in a particular city or area, please let me know.

This is my itinerary; I will be spending 3 nights in each city:






Madrid (Mon-thurs here or thurs-sun here?)

San Sebastian (Mon-thurs here or thurs-sun here?)









I'm hoping to get food or drink recommendations or specific bars or restaurants or stripclubs. If any specific areas are good for bar hopping, please let me know too.

I've heard that there's no tipping culture in Europe but I've also heard that you can tip up to 10% in nice restaurants, and some people have said €5 is more than enough as a tip in most places. Can anyone confirm any of this or clarify which cities/countries I am supposed to tip and how much?

Thank you!!

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