2+2 Luggage question: Delsey or Briggs-Riley?

Hey all,

I just turned 20 and moved out, I wont be able to use my parent's set of luggages. Currently I am using their sets of polycarbonate Samsonite cabin and checked. For reference I flew 6 return trips last year in J class with a mix of 4 and 11hr flights.

I'm currently shopping for 2 cabin and 2 checked luggages, am looking at the Delsey Helium Aero for $1704 AUD (2 cabin + 2 checked) or the Briggs Riley Large Expandable Spinner and the Essential 22" spinner, two of each for $4834 aud. I'm also considering the Rimowa Classic, which of these would you guys pick for comfort and practicality?

Author: Emotional-Bonus7132